Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday. Getting ready for the heatwave. Cute indoor hanging gardens.

We are watching the weather forecasts and planning for the heat to come.  Mostly we want to avoid cooking as much as possible.  So the menu for today and the next couple include two chef salads, a pasta salad, and cold sandwiches.  Tuesday we will look at what we will do for the next three or four days.  We're also debating when or whether to turn on the air conditioning.  We don't much like it but there are times when we are mightily grateful to have it.  Given how many 90 degree days we expect it may be necessary to turn it on soon rather than later.

I can see a number of tomatoes ready to harvest today.  I will keep a couple of slicing tomatoes for sandwiches and some of the cherry for salads.  Otherwise, I will stew the extra with the sauce tomatoes to freeze.  The heatwave will change when I do my gardening.  Usually, I spend an hour or so with the computer before going outside.  Now I will garden as soon as I have enough light to see what I am doing and put off the computer till later.  We will also do our weekly errands on the coolest days and as early as possible.

Now this is cute!!  But I don't think my landlord would appreciate most of it.

Well, I got the herbs I dried yesterday ground and, at the same time,  combined several jars of the same herbs to make some room and sense of what I had on the shelf.  The tomatoes are stewing nicely.  When they are done I will put the pot in the fridge till tomorrow when I will package them for freezing. I decided not to collect more herbs for drying today.  I will give that a rest and get another batch tomorrow.  I also cut the strawberry daughter plants off the runners connecting them to the mother plant and moved them inside under the grow light.  I will see how that technique does.  I had no success cutting the daughters off before trying to root them in a small pot.  I have another set in my strawberry "nursery" to root now.  Everything has been watered and just in time.  It was getting very warm out there and we decided to turn on the air.

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