Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Very warm Wednesday. Gardening update. Tomatoes and cucumbers.

The temperature is supposed to reach 90F today.  I debated closing everything up and turning on the air conditioner but decided not to.  The temperature reached high 80s yesterday and we weren't uncomfortable.  We should have the same temperatures for the next week which will help the tomatoes ripen.  We had two busy days that took us out of the house (shopping Monday and Senior breakfast yesterday) so now I have a number of small tasks lined up: check the bullnose cucumbers and do up the first batch of spicy freezer cucumbers, check the tomatoes and keep a few for salad while stewing the rest for freezing, check the bay tree and lavender before watering if needed.

Al Jazeera America has started broadcasting.  We watched it last night to see what to expect.  We are impressed.  Less hype, more news, and not nearly as ideologically driven as our news media.  We will add it to NHK (English language Japanese) and BBC.  I am glad our cable carrier wasn't as craven as those who dropped the network Al Jazeera purchased late last year.

This article demonstrates why I like multiple channels of information.  We have some politicians here insisting that our government MUST cut off military aid to Egypt while other, equally insistent, insist that the situation complicated and we have to carefully consider the impact of such a cut off.  Each relies on a different set of moral and political values and different sets of "facts" to push their claims.  How to choose between them?

Ronni Bennett posted this item on Time Goes By and I thoroughly agree.  Considering how many commercial commemorative "Days" we have I wonder that retailers haven't made more of Senior Citizen's Day.  And as far as our national "holidays" go, most of those have also gone for commercial campaigns to induce us to spend freely money we probably don't have.

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