Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday cleanup. Tomatoes. Lavender, pyrethrum, stevia. Cucumbers.

We had a sudden storm blow through last evening--high winds and very hard rain.  Normally my little patio is well protected but the wind swirled around blowing plants every which way.  All I can see that needs fixing, so far, is the big Amish paste tomato listing into the tansy.  Later I will pull it back into its proper position and tied up.  I got a bit more trimming on tomatoes.  We decided not to go to the farm market today.  All we need are tomatoes and ours are coming in now.  I get a handful of cherry tomatoes each day and several of the slicers are ripening.  I finally transplanted the lavender yesterday.  they will spend the winter inside.  I also cleaned up patches of bee balm and stevia.  I put them in a bad place shaded on one side by purple cayenne and on the other by the hibiscus before I moved it.  Both were weak and straggly.  On a whim I cut the stevia back and put it in a pot to see how it would do.  But he bee balm wasn't worth transplanting.  I have another, healthier stand elsewhere.  I put the pyrethrum in the spot they had been.

I put in crystal apple cucumbers this year after growing the dragon's egg variety for the last couple of years.  I saw several developing and a couple ready to pick.  I put them up as a spicy-sweet freezer pickle.  Until just a little while ago I thought I wouldn't get anything out of them.  Now I am cautiously hopeful.

Another good reason not to deal with the big banks.  How much and how often can these guys screw their customers?

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