Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday garden update--tomatoes, peppers, spearmint.

Sunny today.  Yesterday was quite gloomy.  We got a little bit of rain over the day--a very little bit.  Shortly I will collect tomatoes and, perhaps some peppers.  High winds yesterday pushed a couple of branches one of the pepper plants down but, thankfully, did not break them.  I can tie them back up on the stake and they should be fine.  I really don't want to collect the whole lot of small peppers just yet.  Rather they get a bit bigger first.  Also on the agenda: cutting some of the spearmint for drying.  Next week should be interesting--another span of 90F temps for at least the first four days.  The first small batch of stewed tomatoes yielded 1 3/4 pounds for the freezer.  But that should go up rapidly.  I see several large sauce tomatoes ripening and the season of getting more slicing and cherry tomatoes than we can eat has definitely arrived.

Update: seven trays of spearmint in the dryer.  Also saw four Super Sauce tomatoes nearly ready to pick.

Another example of Walmart's mastery of semantic legerdemain.  How a "Buy America" plan can result if fewer and worse paid jobs.

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