Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, Monday!! Herbs and tomatoes.

Sunny for the moment.  We may get some showers later--possibly a thunderstorm.  I have the a dehydrator full of rosemary, stevia and grapefruit mint to grind a bit later.  I found a ripe slicing tomato that went on our roast beef sandwiches yesterday and four or five more just turning pink.  I trimmed a lot of leaves and non-producing branches off a one stand of tomatoes yesterday--the Supersauce.  Looks like a nice lot there that should be ripening soon.  We'll have a nice bit of stewed tomatoes in the freezer later.  I still need to transplant the lavender into permanent pots.  Some of the Mohawk peppers look about ready to pick also.

I didn't have to look far for idiocy on the 'net to comment on.  Health Nazis are at it in New Zealand and displaying about as much as their brethren in the U.S.

And the idiocy meter ratchets up another notch.  Some idiot family judge in Tennessee has decided that a baby cannot be named Messiah because "it is a title and only one person has ever earned it."  So is she going to declare than any boy named Jesus (often done in Hispanic communities) should be renamed?  Maybe we should retire Virginia and rename the state.

Ted Koppel describes another idiocy--the continuing War on Terror.  And it isn't just the American economy that is at risk.  How much of our Constitution has not been converted to so much toilet paper?

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