Friday, August 30, 2013

Hot Friday. More tomatoes. Hummingbirds.

Back into the 90s today.  We are looking forward to next week when the temperatures will back off to the high 70s and low 80s.  We will be able to turn off the air and open the doors again.  I don't have much planned for the gardens today.  I plan to wait a bit because the hummingbirds are feeding heavily this morning.  We saw four or five visits--I say visits because we can't really tell the individuals apart.  I wonder if some are migrating through and feeding up for the rest of the journey.  We saw only the little female until about two weeks ago and she came in the early morning.  One of the bloggers I read regularly wrote about the sudden appearance and disappearance of hummingbirds at her feeder.  She lives considerably north and west of us.

Well, I said it wasn't planning on much in the gardens.  However, I found more ripe or near ripe tomatoes than I thought I would.  I may have enough for another batch of stewed tomatoes.  While I was collecting them and a couple of peppers I  trimmed a couple of the tomato plants.  They are getting way out of control.

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