Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cool, easy Sunday. Rosemary, stevia, grapefruit mint.

I didn't get as much done in the gardens.  It was laundry day and going up and down the stairs with baskets of clothes gets a bit tiring.  I did find a couple of little tomatoes ready to pick.  I figure if they come off with a very gentle tug they are ripe enough.  Today I got a nice double handful off the vines.

I cut the rosemary bushes (and they are miniature bushes) back a bit.  The older one is about three years old now and is shaping into a pretty little tree.  I didn't take much off of it--just enough to shape it a bit more.  The other I cut abut a third.  Sounds like a lot but not really.  I think I see how it is shaping itself and I took enough to help it along.  I bought it just this year because after the winter I was afraid I was losing the other.  But they have both come along nicely.  I also trimmed the stevia and got four trays of leaves in the dehydrator.  That is where the trimmings from the rosemary went also.  To fill up the rest of the dehydrator with grapefruit mint.  Right now I am taking a break before getting another bit done outside.

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