Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lazy Wednesday.

It is a lazy day because we had rain last night and I need to let the gardens dry out a bit.  Later I will look for ripe tomatoes and peppers and check the moisture in the containers.  Though it rained, the weather people say we only got a half an inch.  Later on I have to package the tomatoes I stewed yesterday for freezing.  Otherwise nothing much happening out there.

I love stories like this one.  I am always amazed by how long ago some of our basic technologies were adopted.  I also wonder how many today can even identify the plants our distant (and maybe not so distant) ancestors gathered routinely in the wild.  Not many--including me.

Isn't it fascinating how the substantive issues of the Bradley Manning trial and sentencing has been overshadowed by the titillating?  Damn our corporate (s)news media.

This issue, who is eligible to be elected President, has become pathological.  The critics, both of Obama and Cruz, seem to want to resurrect the old Athenian definition of citizenship which required both parents to be citizens for anyone to claim citizenship.  Even the sons of the their most famous leader, Pericles, had to earn their own citizenship on the battlefield because their mother, the noted courtesan Aspasia, was not an Athenian citizen.  Talk about a "holier than thou" idiocy.  In case anyone wonders, Cruz hasn't provided me with any good reason to vote for him.

I have to ask: how many ordinary Americans can afford $4,000+ for health insurance? Or the $1000/year deductible for actual health care costs?

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