Friday, August 9, 2013

Sunny Friday. Garden photos. Garden Update.

 It is a nice sunny Friday.  The weather people say we might have a chance of a passing shower later but not much of one.  I said before that I was thinking about whether to grow borage next year and this decided me.  The bees love it.  I have a spot for a permanent patch and will try to move this plant after I harvest the tomatoes and peppers that are in there now.  I say try because I have no idea of how the roots are arranged and whether I can get the plant out without serious damage.  But I know where I can get seeds next year.
This is the purple hyssop.  It is good as a tea and it attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.  It is a perennial so I plan to keep it over winter where it is with protection.
Cherry tomatoes ripening.  About time!!!  We enjoyed a handful so far and a lot more are on the vines.
Here is the firefly begonia.  It is growing well and blooming profusely.  Another plant the hummingbirds like and visit regularly.  It has a trailing habit and I took this picture just after I trimmed it back.  I hope it will do well as a houseplant over winter.

Yesterday was a productive day.  I think I said I harvested the lemon squash and pulled the vines.  I won't be planting any next year.  I cleaned out several of the strawberry pots and put four back on the fence.  The Japanese beetles have disappeared so I think it is safe.  I also found 8 or 10 plantlets on runners and put them in pots to root--I hope.  Out of the last group I found only 2 with roots.

I didn't get to the new lavender yesterday.  I still need to transplant them along with the lemon balm.  But as long as it is cool and dry I can get out there and get some things done.

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