Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lazy Sunday. Herbs. Peppers. Hibiscus.

I got a good bit of the clean up done in the garden yesterday.  I still have a bit of trimming to do.  The peppermint, oregano, and chocolate mint all need to be cut.  I am not sure what to do with the very tall and leggy purple cayenne.  I had the hibiscus in front of them so they tried to grow to the sun.  The hibiscus in its pot was nearly six feet tall and some three feet or more wide.  It provided a lot of shade.  As I noted a couple of days ago I moved it over to the west corner in its own very large container.  It is doing very nicely--so far.  I found one of the stems of the albino bullnose pepper laying down so I tied it back up to the stake.  I didn't think the wind was that strong.  I had to pull one strawberry and both of the lavender plants.  The lavender had done so nicely--until it didn't.  I will make a trip to the garden shops and see if they still have some herbs.  If I can find replacements I will get a couple.  I said before that I would make a decision on whether to continue planting borage later.  Well, the bees have make the decision for me.  They like it--a lot.  It is a perennial that self sows easily and I have a place for it.

I hadn't intended to comment on this post from David Kaiser at History Unfolding.  However, it struck a chord here.  Ten years ago we went to the movie theater six or seven times a year.  Five years ago we saw movies--maybe--once a year.  The movies just didn't interest us (we aren't under 24 and male nor are we Russian or Chinese.)  Then as the ticket prices went up (we didn't buy snacks or sodas) and we found that for the same price (even the matinee prices) for the two of us we could buy the DVD when it came out.  We want to see the Hobbit but are waiting not only for the DVD but for the extended version.

We are back now having spent the afternoon with brother and sister-in-law.  We drove up to southern Michigan in search of, as brother said, the "Perfect Peach."  The Michigan peaches are ripe now.  Brother has been sorely disappointed in the fruit he has had already this year.  Like us he found what he got hard and tasteless.  He did note that several of the produce stands he remembered are gone.  We did find a nice one where we got enough peaches for three pies--two to freeze and one for now.  I told Mom to save the peels because I intend to dry them and grind them to add to our teas.

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