Friday, August 2, 2013

Rain--much needed. Hidden inflation. Big Brother.

We have rain today.  It started last night with a couple of brief but heavy episodes.  That is supposed to continue today but should move out to give us a sunny and seasonal weekend.  The hibiscus seems to have taken the transplanting well.  I am thinking about taking the squash and cucumbers out.  They are not producing much if anything.  Those are also on my "do not plant" list for next year.

Update:  we are getting heavy rain right now and have had several waves of rain since I wrote the previous paragraph.  Obviously no gardening today.  Also have had some thunder out there--some of it a bit too close for comfort.

We have talked about this all too often over the last decade.  The only question I had is why did the advice columnist bother with simply extending the cake mix with bulk ingredients from her pantry.  We dispensed with the cake mixes when we found that they no longer made a good 8 inch cake much less the 9 inch we used to make.  Our from-scratch recipes still make a real cake without all of the sweeteners and preservatives.

I have often wondered how little it would take to get law enforcement interested in someone's internet search history.  Evidently not all that much.  A nervous nelly of a former boss, a curious news junkie son, searches for common commodities (backpacks and pressure cookers.)

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