Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cloudy Tuesday. Grapefruit mint. Peach peels. Hummingbirds.

We had some rain over night.  I will have to check the containers later because often the rain we get doesn't get to the soil.  The foliage is much too dense.  I will empty the dehydrator later.  I have three trays of peach peels and three of grapefruit mint to grind.  I hope it will stay dry long enough for me to refill the dehydrator with more herbs.  All of them need cutting.  I also should cut some of the peppers for freezing.

The last few days we have watched three or four hummingbirds at our flowers and feeder.  They have been much more active.  We do like watching them.  The bees have also been very active.  Both are later than normal--by about a month.  The little female appeared about a month ago.  Last year we first saw her (or one like her) in June.  When we were driving through southwestern Michigan looking for our peaches Sister-in-law noticed trees changing color--again about a month early.  But then the overnight temps have been lower than normal throughout the area.  However, Brother thought the change might be a response to the dry conditions that broke (sort of) with that heavy rain we had last week.

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