Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Less hot Wednesday. Hibiscus seed pod. Spearmint. Grapefruit mint. Tomato hornworm.

The weather people say the temperature should be 13 degrees lower than yesterday.  However, they posted a 98F for this area so an 85 is still too hot to do much outside.  I have already collected tomatoes and a handful of purple cayenne peppers, two of which had gone from the purple to the red stage.  I found a seed pod on the hibiscus a few days ago and picked it today.  It was brown and just beginning to open.  It is drying now in a small bowl.  I have three trays of spearmint and four of grapefruit mint drying now.  Still have to water things but by then I will be ready to call the outside gardening quits for the day.  I want to check out my lavender, bay tree, and rosemary bushes for watering.  Those are all inside now.

I found a tomato hornworm just a bit ago--the first one in a couple of years.  I had just finished spraying a couple of plants for powdery mildew and checked over a pepper plant to find that big, bad boy.  My usual procedure is cut the pests in half and let them decompose in the garden.  But I took a second look and saw a whole bunch of little white grains on it and something clicked in my mind.  I checked up on line and sure enough.  My pest had met his pest, a braconid wasp, and would soon be hatching out more wasps.  I left him alone to continue his function as wasp incubator

This story has dominated the news here as school has started.  Neither Mom nor I can remember any time when we were growing up that we had cancelled or shortened school days because of heat--and very few because of snow.  And most of the schools we attended didn't have air conditioning either.  Now we can't imagine life without.

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