Saturday, August 24, 2013

A cool Saturday before the heat. Spearmint. Stevia. Grapefruit mint.

Nice and cool for now.  Expected high today is mid 80s.  I have spearmint in the dryer to get ground today.  Then I might see how much stevia I can cut.  Otherwise, I will be picking of newly ripe tomatoes each day.

I have already brought in the tomatoes, including a couple of the Super Sauce one of which weighs in at about half-a-pound.  I see three more that will be ready to pick tomorrow.  So I guess I will be stewing tomatoes tomorrow.  Right now the house smells of grapefruit mint.  Yesterday it smelled of spearmint.  That is a side benefit to drying the herbs--I get the dried herbs to use in the winter and the smell of it now.

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