Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday. Garden update.

Cool with a chance of rain today.  We'll see if we do get any moisture.  Those storms that hit parts of Chicago over the weekend did absolutely nothing for us.  I worked on my strawberries yesterday.  Cleaned up the plants, cultivated and fertilized.  The heat took its toll on some of the plantlets I was trying to root.  Some ten of them failed.  The stevia I cut yesterday is in the dehydrator.  I will grind it and, if it remains dry, will cut lemon thyme and sage.  Also the tomatoes need serious trimming back.  We'll see how much I can get done today.

James Kunstler has his own interesting take on the Detroit mess.  As I read his blog this morning I thought of another interesting presentation of Detroit's decay over the last three decades.  Talk a look at William Kienzle's mystery series featuring Father Koestler.  The Rosary Murder was published in 1978 and thereafter he published almost 1 book per year until his death in 2001.  The backdrop for all of the stories was Detroit in its decaying glory and frequent but futile attempts at resurrection.

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