Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cool Saturday. Garden Update.

They say we won't get out of the sixties today.  Well below our normal temps for late July.  We adjust our meals to the weather so today Mom is finishing off the chicken noodle soup (from scratch) of which we will have one meal today, freeze another and the chicken pot pies she will fix up from the rest.  After our outing to the county fair on Wednesday we wanted something hot and quick.  Unfortunately, we dipped into our "emergency" stock of canned soups and fixed up the chicken noodle.  I don't remember canned soup being so bad.  The salt provided the only flavor for a weak broth, minimal chicken, and limp, soggy noodles.  We were thankful we didn't get the low salt version.  That is the last of that crap we will buy.  Last night, while it was still warm, we had big chef's salads with a pepper from the garden and a couple of the first-to-ripen cherry tomatoes.  They seem to be a month late.

I need to look at the hibiscus, as I have said a couple of times, and see how far along its blooms are.  I think most have come and gone.  Then I need to see how I can get the tomato cage I used to help support its branches off without damaging the plant so I can get it moved into its final home.

We needed some new hummingbird food so we took a trip to one of the garden/home centers.  Found some that we can easily reconstitute as we need it.  At least one little hummingbird visits at least once a day.  More might but we don't see them.  I cleared out the beans so they have an easier time getting to the feeder.  Near the end of the season I will cut back the cypress vine and replant it at the base of the shepherd's hook on which we hang the feeder.  They seem to like those flowers and so do the bees.  I like to encourage both.

Bonus--the hyssop has started to bloom.  I saw some little spots of purple.

Update: I got my older rosemary (2 year old plant) watered and put back upstairs.  I have learned two things about using the grow light: it heats up the area which will be nice in the winter but is not so good for high summer (normally) and I can't put my really tall plants under it because the top leaves may burn.  I don't think it is worth it to put blocks under it to raise it up.  Instead I will use the overhead and a floor lamp to provide as much light as I can for the bigger plants and circulate them to the living room where I am using a day-light balanced sewing lamp for a grow light.  I also got my two lavender repotted.  I am changing out some of the pots in favor of unglazed terra cotta without attached drain pans.  And I plan to remove all of the attached pans on my plastics.  I would rather the plants completely drain after watering.  I think the plants might like it better also.  I still have the lemon verbena to transplant but we are getting some brief waves of wind and rain.  I have to sneak out between the waves.

I have seen several stories in various media outlets (or linked to by bloggers I read) that Attorney General Holder has promised the Russians that Snowden won't face the death penalty or "torture" if he is returned to the U.S.  My response: define "torture?"  I have heard of some very tortuous techniques referred to as "enhanced interrogation."  Where does the one end and the other begin?  And, in the end, for the one being interrogated, what the hell does it matter?

Interesting little article on China and its economic situation.  For most of this recession the western, industrialized nations were relying on China to at least soften if not cure the recession.  Much like Bush Jr. hoped the Saudis would raise production to lower oil and gas prices.  Didn't work then and isn't working now.

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