Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday miscellany. Grapefruit mint and oregano.

Not much to say about the gardens.  The jungle is much like a jungle, thank you.  I need to cut the oregano and the grapefruit mint and put them in to dry.  I have chocolate mint to grind.  It has been a strange year.  Everything feels so slow.  I see peppers and tomatoes forming but nothing near ripe yet.

Update: I have the chocolate mint ground.  Got three trays of oregano and four of grapefruit mint.  And I only cut a third of what needs to be cut on the grapefruit mint plant.  Tomorrow I will probably have at least another four trays of it

I have already turned off the (s)news.  It is the post mortem on the Zimmerman verdict and I have been trying, as much as possible, to ignore the whole damned thing.  I absolutely hate our current system of trial as media circus.  I have never been much for spectator sports and this kind I find incredibly offensive.  I do have some strong opinions on this but they are mine and of no great consequence to any one but me.  Unfortunately, the opinions of all and sundry will be inflicted over the airwaves until they find the next trial that has all the elements of a nice media circus.

This came by way of Naked Capitalism which had some comments about Golden Dawn in Greece as well.  I can't get to the original because the message says the Naked Capitalism is off line.  I read the a good part of it to Mom and she had the same reaction I did--flashback to Viet Nam.  But what is scary about this is Golden Dawn's aim to be the Hezbollah of Greece.  Remember Golden Dawn is a neo-Nazi party and they didn't do too badly in the last Greek election.  Much of what I have read about what is happening in Greece is all to reminiscent of what I have read about interwar Germany and the rise of the Nazi party.  That didn't turn out all that well, did it.

I remember reading that the Commerce Dept. had been hit by a particularly nasty cyberattack.  Well, evidently that was not really the case.  The problems with computer systems include both their vulnerability and our utter dependence on them.  It is a very worrying situation when you  can't determine with any certainty who perpetrated the attack or, as with this case, whether it was an attack at all.

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Kay Dennison said...

As always, a variety of news from you. I am so weary of all of it. That racism is still very alive is an outrage and means that Martin Luther King and Medgar Evers died in vain.

And of, course I'm always delighted to hear news of your garden.