Monday, November 4, 2013

Ah, Monday--again. Cyber-security??? Garden thoughts.

Good day to you all.  We are trying to get our internal clocks adjusted to the change in clock time.  We hate it.  The earlier daylight isn't any compensation for the earlier darkness.  Oh, well, since we don't seem to have any choice in the matter I guess we will simply have to adjust.

I found this Daily Mail article.  It was only a test but, if creating a fake identity (posing as a pretty, young woman on social media) is all it takes to crack a government agency, who needs an Edward Snowdon?

I didn't see much else to comment on.  So I think I will muse a bit on the garden that was this year and the one I am thinking about next year.

I have felt a low grade dissatisfaction this year.  Everything seemed so slow.  I didn't get ripe tomatoes until August.  The beans were luxuriant but produced very few pods.  I have already documented my failure with the blueberry.

I am not so sure that things were really as slow as they seemed.  Rather it may have been normal and I just haven't seen a normal year (whatever that means) in so long I can't remember what it is like.  I actually got as much in tomatoes this year as last year--about 22 pounds of stewed tomatoes in the freezer plus what we ate fresh with our dinners.  That may be about the limit I can get without turning all of my space to tomatoes and I don't want to do that.  We have a couple of hot house growers that sell early tomatoes in the local farm market.  We plan to buy more from them next year so I will cut back to only a couple of sauce tomato plants.

I tried a couple of plants (one tomato and one sweet pepper) designed for patio growing.  Both performed as advertised.  Both small, compact plants that were prolific.  But I didn't really didn't like either one much.  The flavor was only so-so.

My other peppers, both heirloom varieties, did very well  and we have a nice supply in the freezer--those we didn't eat right away.  I still have seeds from one of the varieties and will try to harvest seeds next year.  I may get more seeds of the other or try a new one.  I also want to get a Mexibelle transplant.  That variety is a bit spicier but it is a hybrid so seed saving is not practical.

The cucumber did well but the lemon squash did not.  But I don't intend to plant them again.  They require too much space and don't train well.

Next month (or later this month) I should start getting the garden catalogs and the planning will begin in earnest.

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