Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Miscellaneous thoughts on a cold Tuesday. Afghanistan. Russia. Black "Thursday."

Woke to a dusting of snow.  We may get more later today and over night thanks to a lake effect system coming in.  We are watching to see how much will stay over till Thursday.

I don't know about anyone else but I rather hope Hamid Karzai doesn't sign that agreement for a long term (like till 2024) presence of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and we do pull out next year.  We should never have gone in as we did and we shouldn't have stayed as long as we have.  We haven't really accomplished anything unless you consider destabilizing Pakistan an accomplishment.  And please don't tell me that killing bin Ladin has really done all that much good--it hasn't.

First the Russians banned "homosexual propaganda," now Putin has signed a law banning abortion ads.  I agree with the critics who decry the assault on the rights of gays and women.  However, I wonder if there isn't something else behind the laws.  I recall reading a story some time ago which listed Russia as one a several countries experiencing a fall in population along with a very skewed age and gender distribution none of which bode well for future economic growth and social stability.

This is hardly a surprise.  I would hope that the picture showed House leaders hanging their heads in shame but I am sure they have no shame.  Probably just a show of faux piety.

Helen at Margaret and Helen has a letter to the family for this holiday and we laughed all the way through.  However, I think she has written a lot of what needs to be said about holidays, diets, and family behavior during the holidays.

I wish these poll numbers would translate in large numbers of Americans staying home instead of engaging in what has become the only sport in which many participate.  It would be nice if retail companies would, out of the goodness of their hearts, stay closed and let their employees enjoy what is billed as a "family" holiday.  But they have no more goodness than the politicians have shame.  The only way the trend will stop is if the retailers actually suffer losses from remaining open.  I can only hope.  Ronni Bennett's Crabby Old Lady persona has a few very apt remarks to make on the subject.  As a sad addendum to the above, I read a brief article some time ago which claimed that Medieval peasants had far more holiday time that we have in our so-called modern world.

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