Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday--another warm up. Computer housekeeping.

Well, we are supposed to have 50s--maybe touching 60.  Typical for fall.  I still have some snow on the gardens but probably won't have any by the end of the weekend especially if we get the rain the weather people have promised.

When I surf the 'net and I find an item I might like to keep handy, usually gardening info or crochet or quilting patterns, I often download them to my computer desk top.  I have been thinking of cleaning up the mess and printing off the info that still interests me.  That took the last hour.  Later I will make a start on my stack of magazines.

This is a fascinating story.  I wouldn't care to do it myself but I imagine that a history buff can get a better idea of how people in earlier times lived by trying to live and dress as those people did.  But I had another thought as I read one of the last paragraphs where Sarah Crisman describes the reactions to her Victorian attire as polarizing.  I have read a good bit about the reactions to Muslim women wearing hijab or niqab and the are about the same.  I am always amazed at how vitriolic some can be over what someone else wears (or doesn't wear.)

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