Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Frosty Wednesday.

I didn't get the leaves swept up yesterday.  It looks like I won't till early next week because rain will be moving in for the next several days.  We went to the monthly senior breakfast yesterday and then went up to a little shop that stocks bulk nuts, beans, spices and teas.  It is a bit out of the way so we only go up there every three months or so and stock up while we are there.  They have some wonderful blends of tea that not only taste wonderful but smell heavenly.

Poor Campbell's is a victim of the shift Americans are (supposedly) making to fresh foods.  We are among those who have stopped buying prepared foods including soups.  The foods we make from scratch taste so much better and we can control what is actually in the food.  The last time we fixed some Campbell's canned soup we could hardly eat it because it was so salty.  If it hadn't has so much salt it would have had not flavor at all.  But that was only the latest in a long string of disappointments: chicken noodle soup that had too much salt and too little chicken, cream of mushroom in which there was hardly a mushroom to be found, etc.

I saw this in a snippet on the morning news: children today can't match their parents for running speed.  Well, duh??  We have seen thirty years of cash-strapped schools cutting physical education (as well as art and music).  Over that same time fast foods have gradually gone from a once in a while treat to a mainstay of children's diets.  Evidently, the phenomenon is not just nationwide here but worldwide.

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