Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Very pretty Tuesday.

We did have sun yesterday and this morning the sunrise was very pretty.  However, the temps are starting out just about freezing.  Later today I will see if the leaves are dry enough to sweep up.  I have containers I can use them in and the rest will go into the compost bin.

Oh, my!!  I never realized that the Mediterranean could have cyclones.  And Sardinia has just been hit with a nasty one named Cleopatra.

This really pisses me off.  We have wasted way too much blood, money, and materiel on this obscene absurdity.  Worse we have militarized our police, established a new layer of policing in Homeland Security and TSA, ramped up our spying on everyone, and the damned well cancelled the Constitution.

Well, it is official--the tornados that hit in Illinois on Sunday included the two most powerful November tornados to hit  that far north in over 100 years.  Hundred year events seem to be coming fast and frequent lately.

I don't know if Wal-Mart can get any more pathetic.  The most offensive part of this is the company statement that the food drive encouraging their associates to donate so fellow associates can enjoy a Thanksgiving meal indicates a "supportive" employee culture not miserably low wages.

I didn't know this but it doesn't surprise me.  Big question--what do you do when what you have done no longer works?

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