Saturday, November 2, 2013

Other comments on this dreary 2nd day of November. When we all are "the usual suspects."

Throughout all of the brouhaha over the NSA data vacuuming operations I had one constant question: how in the hell do these guys sift through all that shit to find a few nuggets of gold--and would they recognize the nugget when they saw it?  This piece on Naked Capitalism finally deals with that question.  The answer is they can't and they would not necessarily recognize a real threat.

Angry Mom calls bullshit on all of the self-serving crap arguments the government has put forward for their indiscriminate spying.  However, I think her remark about NSA scooping up data on "innocent, non-target/non-suspect individuals"  makes my point: we are all suspects and targets now.  One of the bloggers I always use (sorry, I didn't save the link and don't remember who) said that our so-called betters see those of us in the lower socioeconomic levels not as fellow citizens.  The financial elites exploit us (by any means, honest or not) for financial gain and the Government sees us as a threat.

An interesting take on the real beneficiaries of the various social safety net programs.  If you think the poor, you would be wrong.

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