Monday, November 18, 2013

OMG!! What a wild Sunday it was.

Today (Monday) is starting out clear, calm, and sunny.  Very different from yesterday afternoon.  Those living west of us, a bit south and west of Chicago, had it far worse.  At least three tornados.  We had high winds we watched very closely.  Thankfully, our landlords have been very conscientious about topping and thinning the big trees in front.  About 1:30 Mom decided to delay fixing dinner until the worst of the storm passed to be sure she wasn't interrupted by a power outage.  We never lost power but our internet and cable went out for the rest of the day.  The cable went out in the middle of the news cast we were watching for info on the storm.  It was still out when we went to bed a little after 9pm.  At one point I looked out the back door and thought I was seeing things.  I thought I saw a snow flake--a big one.  A few minutes later the rain was coming down in a monsoonal torrent driven almost horizontal by the winds--and snow was definitely falling mixed in with it.  At the time the temperature on our patio was 62F.  Considering what we are seeing on the news this morning--we got off very lightly.  Addendum: it appears that southern Illinois and Indiana also got hit hard.  Those reports are a bit sketchy right now.

As we made our errands this morning we saw some damage--thankfully not a lot here.  A few limbs down.  A couple of fence sections damaged.  A couple trees uprooted.  One intersection was without power but the city had already put up the temporary 4-way stop signs.  We saw a lot of wood litter at another indicating that they had cleaned up a large limb fall.  One of our favorite cashiers at one of the grocery stores told us that her area north of here had much more damage.  The awning of her porch blew away and a lot of debris flew into her yard.  One of her neighbors picked up his belongings and helped clean up.  Oh, well--on to the 'net.

I have watched this obscenity grow over the years.  I remember seeing a number of so-called internships advertised and feeling a bit offended by the whole notion.  I remember telling one advisor who suggested that I apply for one that I couldn't afford to work for free.

And this is another obscenity courtesy of our predatory capitalists who seem to run most things now.  And to say that the wounds from these so-called deals were in part self-inflictedI  is more than a little ridiculous considering how opaque and manipulated the products were and how the financial groups selling them made sure that they would rake in a profit no matter how bad they went.

I have been following this story since I first read about it months ago.  It seems to be going from bad to worse and, maybe, worse than worse.

I was totally skeptical about the new guidelines put out last week for prescribing statins.  Now I am even more skeptical.  First question we had was "who developed the calculator?"  It seems tailor made to get more business for the drug companies.  I know two major medical groups advocated it but that doesn't mean they created it.

The title of this says it all: Barbaric Alliance.

I have noted before that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq cost more lives and more money than the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  This piece from Undernews tells us that we have lost a lot more: more people to the militarized police that risen since.  It is a sad commentary that we are now far more likely to die at the hands of those sworn to "serve and protect" than those they are supposed to protect us from.  Do you feel safer??

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