Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans' Day.

I didn't find much I wanted to comment on yesterday and there was nothing to talk about in the garden so, to state the obvious, I didn't post anything.  Today, so far, is much the same.  I am constantly amazed by what crap is on the "news" and how little is truly informative.  Mom grumbled this morning that the story about Charlie Trotter's death wasn't as new as the readers said.  I pointed out that the "new" part was the little snippet of the story concerning the scheduled memorial which they promised to cover live later today.  Oh, well.  Let's see what I can find that is far more interesting.

I love this post by Xanthe by way of Firedoglake.  I feel the same way when I hear one of those oh-so-reasonable (NOT) politicos talk about "shared sacrifice."

Of course, for most of the politicos on both sides of the party divide the notion of "sacrifice" is covered by the "for thee, not me" credo.  Greg Abbott probably feels the same way the CEO of Nestle does: water isn't a right; its a commodity that goes to those who can pay and screw anyone else.

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