Saturday, November 23, 2013

What to do with oil industry waste water.

Welcome to another Saturday.  Frigid--only 30F with heavy frost on the roofs.  We may have snow sometime this week.  Yesterday I saw a story about a late season heat wave in the southwest and today the news is full of accounts of heavy rain, flooding and areas of sleet or snow.  The weather gods really have it in for us.

Another brilliant idea!!  And that is sarcasm.  The oil industry contaminates massive quantities of fresh water that can't be cleaned up for any later use and somehow need to find a place for it.  So the companies involved in the Alberta tar sands want to flood the holes they leave from "harvesting" the tar and create large toxic lakes.  And they assure us nothing can possibly go wrong.  (more sarcasm)  I wonder if the fraking industry will adopt the notion.

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