Friday, November 8, 2013

Frosty, Frosty Friday.

Yes, indeed--it is frosty.  Heavy frost on the roofs and cars.  It looks like today will be sunny.  That will be nice.  I still have a few clean up chores in the gardens so I hope the sun sticks around through the weekend.

So the FDA has decided to "eliminate" trans-fats from foods.  Well, kinds--sorta.  The article was more accurate in saying they will "severely limit" the amount allowed.  The broadcast news was much less accurate.  We have been looking at the labels for a good while now and trans-fats are only one category of additives we watch for when shopping.

I am not at all surprised by this item.  We are becoming an intensely surveilled society.  From red light cameras, to security cameras, to GPS locators etc., what we do when is generally known to someone somewhere.

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