Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Small Business Saturday.

Not that the big retailers will be forgotten in the build-up to our next commercial holiday.  We just remarked this morning (for the millionth time) that we have no holidays in the traditional sense whether religious, cultural or political.  They have all been commercialized.  Oh, well.  I guess all we can do is ignore the hype as much as possible.  We are getting better at it.  And we get plenty of practice.

This rings a bell.  Given how the food industry treats cattle, it doesn't make me feel good about spending my money.  Perhaps that is one reason why we don't participate in what has become the major rite in our commercial religion.

Meanqueen posted this that also tickles my imagination.  I won't bother with the six-week cruise but I will abstain from the sport of excess everything that the season has become.

Here is an intriguing piece to get off the topic of our yearly exercise in excess.

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Florence said...

You couldn't get me near a mall or big box store on Black Friday! We went birding on Galveston Island yesterday.