Saturday, December 7, 2013

Even colder Saturday with flurries. Miscellaneous stories and thoughts.

Our temps are in the low teens with wind chill in the low single digits.  Thankfully, we aren't going out.  We did all that yesterday.  The heavier snow is supposed to come in late tomorrow and, if the weather people are right, won't amount to more than a couple or three inches.  Right now we have a dusting on the cars, roofs, and skittering around on the pavement.

The eye exam went well yesterday.  For only the second or third time in my life I didn't need new glasses.  Wouldn't you know I had a nice 25% off coupon that could have been used with other discounts--and I didn't need it.  Oh, well--I saved even more since I don't get new specs.

This sounds so damned familiar.  I wonder if people really learn from the past.

And then this frightening story.  Thankfully not in this country--yet.  Although the stories I have read from some of the cities under severe financial stress has me wondering when, not if.

Amazing--and not in a good way.  If there is a good time for something like this to happen it is while the building is still under construction.

I get a definite sense of deja vu with this story.

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