Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday and more snow expected.

Yesterday was cold but we had a good bit of sun at the same time a light snow fell.  Very little remains now but more is supposed to come in later today and overnight.  We are staying in--thankful we aren't in Texas and other points south.  We did our shopping on Friday as I think I said so we aren't likely to need anything that would take us outside.  We'll decide when to do our next shopping when we see what weather is likely to pass through at what time.

Experienced an interesting juxtaposition of stories today.  Al Jazeera had report on the polar bear and its prospects where the expert they were interviewing claimed that the bear's future would be brighter if the major countries would reduce severely their energy usage and thereby the greenhouse gasses associated with energy consumption.  At the same time I was reading this Der Spiegel article which started out with an account of the "Baby Bonus" offered by an electric company in the German city of Potsdam: 500Kwh for every newborn to start them off on their energy guzzling life.  I love the slogan which welcomes the little "energy robbers."  (and that is meant sarcastically)

That is about all for the day.  I will now pass on to reading other materials (The Drunken Herbalist) and crocheting a new shawl.  My favorite, which I made over 30 years ago, is beginning to fall apart. When the new one is done I will take the old apart and reconstruct it for more use.

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