Monday, December 9, 2013

Stay at home Monday.

First conversation this morning:
       Mom: We will have to brush off the car before we go.
       Me:  But we aren't going anywhere.
       And Mom giggled.

The earliest we might have to go out will be late this week well after the next snow system comes through.  And they say it will be a bit warmer and sunny.  We hope.

The storms are a large part of the morning news and some of the pictures are incredible.  Both storms missed us pretty much.  We can see a light layer of snow and the cars look like dirty snowballs.  Only got about an inch here but the wind chills make the low 20s feel like single digits.

Watching a discussion on Al Jazeera coming out their account of the budget negotiations on Capital Hill and was totally surprised when the commentator mention the attitude of the hard right wing of the Repthuglican Party toward economic issues:  "almost religious" faith in unrestricted "free" market capitalism.  Finally, someone notices that phenomenon.  I have long felt that those right wingers thought that Moses came down from the mountain with 13 commandments and the last was "Thou shalt be governed by the free market in all things."  Ant that Jesus confirmed that with a long lost clause in the Sermon on the Mount.

Undernews has an interesting breakdown on what someone who earns $50k/year pays his taxes for and asks a very interesting question:  are you pissed off at the right people?

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