Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Boxing Day.

For those of you who continue Christmas and Celebrate Boxing Day (or St. Stephens Day, or the Day of the Wren or any other such day after Christmas.)  And I wouldn't be Mary Contrary if didn't find something irritating to share.  The news media provides the irritation today with the stories about people who didn't get the packages they expected because of various glitches with UPS and FedEx.  I am so unsympathetic I find it hard to express my disgust.  With over half a million people without power and others experiencing a rough holiday or those who have had their holidays stolen by thieves or (name you own catastrophe), I think the customers upset because their packages didn't arrive--yet--should get a new grasp on what is truly important.  They are alive.  They are prosperous.  Their families are well.  A lot to be grateful for, don't you think?

On the subject of Christian values John Michael Greer has a very interesting post given that the season celebrates the birth of the founder.

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