Thursday, December 19, 2013

Miscellaneous thoughts and readings.

Well, I'm back after a couple of days doing other things.  I did read the blogs and e-mail.  However, as has happened so often I didn't really see anything worth commenting on.  We had grocery shopping on Monday, a breakfast out on Tuesday, and shopping for boots yesterday.  We have been talking for the last couple of months about getting new boots as our old ones are pretty well worn out.  We just hadn't found anything we particularly liked.  We decided that we would check out all of the nearby shoe stores and finally found something suitable.

We are now considering what days would be best for our normal shopping for the next two weeks considering the intervening holidays.  We try to avoid the rush and the crowds.

It looks like the target of choice for cyber thieves this year is---Target.  We have been checking our accounts to see if we are part of it.  So far--not.  These kinds of stories make me wonder if it if I wouldn't be better off going back to cash.

I am often amazed by how broadly a natural disaster can bite.  Just found this item on  We don't use much coconut straight up here; but, I wonder, how many things coconut by-products are in what we normally buy.

Here is a gentle and biting bit of amusement by way of Tomdispatch.  And contemplate the question: if Twain referred to the late 19th century in America as a "gilded age," how would he describe our present tawdry age.

And, in this season of "peace on earth and good will toward men," a little essay on "The Undeserving" by Golem XIV.

There is little I agree with Fox news on.  I find it neither fair nor balanced.  This piece, however, is (for the most part) an exception.  It expresses exactly why I think the government's consumer price index is full of crap.

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