Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Not as cold today--yet! Food waste. Surveillance state. Convenient environmentalists.

We are at 17F so far this morning but the cold is coming in behind the snow of which we have about 2 inches more on the ground.  It is a good morning to do laundry which has piled up because we simply got lazy.

I have seen way too many stories like this one, or involving contamination by glass or plastic particles, or involving bacterial contamination.  Other stories claim that "we" waste as much as 40% of the food produced but they focus on the waste individuals generate.  How much of the waste is from industrial processes going wrong?

Interesting little take on our surveillance state with some "funny" anecdotes.  And, as the quotation marks should signal, not funny in a "ha, ha" way.  I agree with him--I would rather risk being the victim of a terrorist that live under what our country has become.  Unfortunately, my opinion has not been asked.

This is pretty goddamn sad but expected.  I knew as soon as I read a headline yesterday about the "surprise" handshake that Obama had shaken hands with Castro.  I absolutely fail to see why people should be so riled because our President was civil toward another President.  He doesn't have to agree with Castro or his government.  Rude Pundit gives the Repthuglican outrage all the rudeness it deserves.

California legislators, according to this article, are concerned with environmental damage from pot growers.  My question--why are you just concerned with pot growers causing environmental damage?  What about agriculture generally?  Has anyone heard about the Gulf of Mexico dead zone which is largely attributed to agricultural chemicals flowing down the Mississippi?  It seems to me their concern is somewhat selective and comes out of their dislike of the crop rather than true concern for the environment.  Especially since California may be ready to liberalize their marijuana laws.

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