Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday with a bit of warmth expected.

But tomorrow the bottom drops out of the temperature expectations--single and low double digits for the rest of the week.  But we don't plan on going out so it doesn't matter to us.  Hope you are staying warm and dry wherever you are.

With the end of the year people tend to both look back to what has happened and to look for portents for what is to come.  I hope this story is not an omen of what is in our future.  And I think it is interesting that the outlet posting the story is British Daily Mail which picked it up from the local Fox news channel.

An article I totally agree with.  It seems we have freedom of expression so long as our expression agrees with the mobs.  What is most frightening is how easily the mob goes from virtual to actual.

One of the news readers rejoiced that Christmas was over yesterday.  I thought "Not quite.  It won't be over until we no longer hear the bastardized carols urging us to buy everything imaginable."  And I am so tired of hearing Bolton (who isn't one of my favorite singers anyway) hawking what ever car it is I don't want.

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