Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Off to a strange start on a getting-colder Wednesday. Let the looting begin. Curious juxtaposition. Another insane diet.

We are up way too early today.  I thought the clock said 5:30 and it actually said 3:30.  By the time I realized it I was up with the coffee on and some water on to boil.  I think I told you all once that I boil all of the water we use in our coffee maker to precipitate out at least a bit of the calcium and magnesium salts and get rid of the chlorine.  It does extend the time between treating the coffeemaker for the scale buildup.  I only realized the problem when I turned on the TV for the news and found only infomercials.  Oh, well.  I will doze on and off during the day today.

It was gray and misty with a bit of fog all day yesterday.  That kind of weather always makes us sleepy.  The temperature, however, made it into the 50s.  Can't get used to it though.  Today the temps drop into the 30s before going down to the 20s and lower for the rest of the week.  Oh, well.  We have only one more errand for this week--my eye exam.  It is time and I have a nice coupon that can be used in addition to one of my other discounts.

I hope the Mexican authorities find this truck--fast!  We have heard so many stories about the vulnerability of radioactive stock piles in the former Soviet Union but this was on our own doorstep.

I am sure of only one thing with respect to this is that the lawyers are going to make a killing.  And that a lot of people who worked hard are going to be screwed out of a fair portion of what they had been promised in return.  One of the commentators on one of the news reports yesterday noted that about half of Detroit's debt is owed to pensioners.  As Ben Bernanke said six years ago of Social Security: that's where the money is.  So let the looting begin!!!

The juxtaposition of headlines (one following the other in a Reuters feed) for two stories (pension "reform" in Illinois and advancing an incentive package to provide perks for ADM to remain in Illinois) illustrates what is so wrong about our political and economic system.  So the worker "Peter" gets looted to pay a corporate "Paul" or, perhaps a better description, corporate welfare queen.

I pretty much ignore diets except to wonder "What the hell are they thinking?"  With this one I have to ask "Are they thinking?"  I found a link on a blog I habitually read to a site I wasn't familiar with and had to check up on it for accuracy.  Well, finding in on ABC indicates the story is real.  The intelligence of the dieters, however, is in doubt.

This is the second case of passengers on an airplane being sequestered while authorities isolate other contagious passengers.  Over the weekend it was a passengers with TB in this country.

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