Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday and waiting for the freeze.

Balmy day yesterday and beautifully sunny.  But the temps are supposed to drop rapidly today with a bit of snow.  Tomorrow is supposed to be colder (much) with about five inches of snow over night into New Year's Day.  We planned things so we don't have to do any errands and can (will) stay inside and warm.

So we may be headed for the "internet of everything."  Not here, thank you.  I really don't want my coffeemaker, refrigerator, light switches and whatever else talking to each other.  We have cell phones that do have internet surfing capacity but we don't use it.  We have a coffeemaker that doesn't even have a clock.  We figure it isn't all that much trouble to flip the switch each morning.  And how would all those devices do if the power goes out?

I saw this on the TV news this morning.  I wondered, at the time, how small the "small" earthquakes were that collapsed the road.  Turns out they were in the range of the "small" quakes that parts of Oklahoma is experiencing more frequently over the last couple of years largely attributed to fraking.  In one story on TV over the last couple of days, one resident thought the trade-off (jobs vs shaking) was worth it.  I wonder at what point the costs will outweigh the benefits.

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