Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Solstice or Happy Yule. More miscellaneous thoughts.

Foggy this morning.  The temperatures are still above freezing--just.  Enough that we have fog but other areas have freezing rain and drizzle.  Our patio is wet but pretty well clear.  We even have clear patches on the big containers.

Al Jazeera has a story about "wardrobing"--the practice of buying a pricy dress, wearing it but keeping the tags on, and then returning it for a refund.  It isn't limited to clothing or to the pricy items.  I remember a couple of "customers" when I worked at a party supply store who would come in and buy various joke items for a particular party only to return them after for refund.  I think the phenomenon is a symptom of our thoroughly materialist and selfish culture that values appearances over reality.

I wrote the above couple of paragraphs yesterday and everything is about the same.  And I didn't really see anything to comment on other than the Al Jazeera story.

This morning the local ABC station carried a story which included some interesting reactions.  Evidently a bank robber killed in the commission of his crime has been linked to a robbery and double murder that occurred during the summer.  The interesting reaction?  People don't believe the police have actually solved the earlier crime with this latest one.  Why is this interesting?  It represents an increasingly skeptical reception for the Chicago police.  It doesn't matter if it is a solution to a crime, or the crime statistics, or how well the police and political panjandrums think the current police strategies are working.  Nobody seems to believe them.

The Activist Post has a number of good points and asks a question that came to my mind when I first heard the headline on the news that multivitamins are useless.  That question basically was "Who funded the studies that underpinned the headlines?"  When pharmaceutical and chemical companies fund studies of any kind one always has to ask what they expect to gain from their expense.  And whatever they gain will be entirely to their advantage not ours.  We do take a multivitamin each day and have for some time.  For a while we also took extra iron, extra D and a couple of others as well.  However we have cut all but the multivitamin and calcium.  We also changed the calcium to one with lower amounts of the mineral.  Why, you might wonder?  Well, we took a long and detailed look at our eating habits and found that we have been getting slightly more than the recommended amounts of the vitamins and minerals we cut out in our food.  However, given our ages, slower metabolism and activity levels we decided to keep the insurance of the multivitamin and calcium.  Also the fact that we two meals each day.

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