Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Day and I intend to be lazy.

Hoping your holiday (whether it is Christmas or Yule or Kwanzaa--which begins tomorrow--or other celebration) is happy and warm.  We had a very nice Christmas Eve with my brother's family.  Today we intend to be very lazy.  Tomorrow I will start cleaning my plant starting/sewing & craft/storage room so I can use it again.  I don't make New Year's resolutions but I do set small goals for the year.  The first is to spend more time with crocheting and quilting projects.

The trip home from Brother's house gave us a surprise--a couple of large flights of geese.  They had disappeared from our area about a month ago.  But some are hanging around north of here where they can find deeper and wider ponds that aren't as likely to freeze over as quickly as the smaller pools aground here do.

This has become an all too frequent kind of story--power interruptions because of bad weather.  We hear these and we start reviewing our "what if" scenarios.  Evidently, from what relatives were saying yesterday, we aren' the only ones.  Nasty weather is ubiquitous, it seems.

So the the whales and orcas are staying around the Northwest longer than norma.  Makes me wonder. How about you?

I will continue my lazy Christmas Day off line.  See you all later.

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