Sunday, April 13, 2014

Assorted comments and contrariness.


We actually got to 80F yesterday.  Not expecting any thing similar today.  A system is coming through that might give us snow overnight tomorrow.  Oh, well.  I got the patio pretty well cleaned up yesterday--swept up the leaves and other windblown trash.  I took off the top half of my compost bin contents and used the bottom half to mix with soil as I emptied the kitty litter buckets to fill up the new buckets.  Replaced the cover on my mini-greenhouse.  I had intended to take the old one apart and reuse the plastic but it was way too fragile.  I don't have any plans for today--just a half formed list of small tasks that aren't as critical and can easily wait until warmer and dryer weather later in the coming week.  On the seedling front--I have spinach now.

I guess I won't do any of the remaining clean-up chores outside.  It is wet and cloudy.

I saw this last Friday (I think).  Did the idiot who parked his shiny new BMW in front of a fire plug think the fact it was a BMW would insure he would suffer no consequences?  His bad luck there happened to be a fire.  I agree with the neighbor: he brought it all on himself.

This post makes an uncomfortable amount of sense.  I have thought often enough that true change requires a fair number of funerals among those standing in the way of that change--though I have no interest in hastening the natural process.  Evidently, much the same can be said of cycles of war enthusiasm.

I read this small post and it triggered my suspicious mind.  I remember a few months ago reading the furor in Britain when one of the bigger banks decided to limit its depositors' cash withdrawal unless the "owner" of the account could provide an acceptable (to whom) reason for wanting more of his/her funds.  I put OWNER in quotation marks because once we put money in a bank we become unsecured creditors of the bank who promises to give us the money when we demand it (maybe).  How easy it would be for banks to simply cite a "computer failure" for limiting what depositors can withdraw?  No, I really don't trust banks.  Use them but don't trust them.

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