Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Good Wednesday to you all.

Most of areas here, including mine, are under a frost advisory.  Our temps haven't fallen that low and I see a slight edging of frost on the rooftops across the way.  No gardening planned but plenty of spring cleaning.  One of our toilets quit working over the weekend and Mom decided to give the maintenance man a list of things that needed fixing.  We are the type that will find a work around, unless there is no work around, until we can call the landlord.  Often enough we forget to call and continue with the alternative, unless it is an urgent matter like the toilet.  So we got the one toilet replaced and the slow leak in the other fixed.  The stove had been giving problems for a while and our last maintenance man has fixed it several times.  This time we got a new one.  Windows we hadn't been able to open for a while, without straining muscles and joints, now slide easily.  Now, however, the cleaning spirit is up.

I wrote a while ago that I have given up on the notion of growing blueberries.  Keeping the soil in the container sufficiently acidic given that the water here is extremely hard and alkaline is a very difficult prospect.  I had thought I might try blackberries but I wanted seedless.  Well, that isn't possible.  As I understand it those varieties that are labeled "seedless" actually have very small seeds.  Oh, well.  Now I have to think about plan "C" which isn't even a nebulous notion at present.

I saw the title and said "WTF??  Why is that important in a comparison of electric and hybrid vehicles?"  I don't give a damn which drivers of which car is younger or richer.  I would rather  know which gets the best mileage, which is the most cost effective, which is the most reliable, etc.

Susie Madrak says some of what I have been thinking about the Ukraine mess.  Several historians have observed that Americans seem to need an enemy and have always found one.

I saw a version of this story on the news last night and this morning.  Some of the talking heads were making a big deal of it.  I guess not being number one hit at some nerve.  Funny.  I don't feel any different.  But then Maha reminds us that the decline of the middle class has been going on for more than thirty years.  

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