Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!  Lower temps today but should be sunny.  Absolutely beautiful yesterday.  I got all of the strawberries out of the large containers but they aren't yet ready to put in their permanent place.  None of the Quinalt survived the winter and only seven or eight of the Sequoia.  Replacement plants are on the garden shop list along with sage and the basils.

The Ukraine story continues to percolate along.  But it is fascinating to watch the news accounts of Obama and Putin each accusing the other of failing to keep their "dogs" under control.  Each seems to assume that the other has control over the contending parties.  What if neither has all that much control?

Finally--someone expresses sentiments parallel to my own concerning the media's orgasmic spasm over the soon-to-arrive Clinton baby.  I am sure the family are overjoyed but that baby means squat to me.  The Rude Pundit gives the whole matter his usual rude treatment (which it so richly deserves) and notes the sexist nature of the mainstream media treatment.

We did our shopping and dropped into Panera's.  Mom noticed a sign at the register which offered a free bag of their coffee grounds for their gardener patrons in honor of Earth Day.  As the clerk handed me my bag I told him "My roses will love you."  He just smiled.

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