Saturday, April 26, 2014


More cleaning.  Damn--I remember when I would have cleaned the entire apartment (thoroughly) over a weekend.  Not any more.  We got the living room done with all of the furniture moved to get at the carpet, moved back and then vacuumed.  We plan to do the dining area today.  Our cleaning this time involves a major reorganization--getting rid of things we don't use any more and putting others in a more convenient place.  Our patterns of activity has changed and what we do where but our organization hasn't kept up.

I bet there are a whole lot of oil execs who are apoplectic over this.  I keep thinking of all the BP ads which assure us that fracking is "safe and proven."  I am not a damned mushroom and I hate being fed bullshit.

I linked to the story earlier this past week which proclaimed another dimension of the US decline: Canada's middle class is "wealthier" than our middle class.  The author of this piece says that is old news.  And he points out a fact I have repeatedly made when ever I take apart anything I read: how has the author(s) defined their terms and chosen their data points.  You can fudge a lot if you are judiciously selective.

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