Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Good day to you all.  I recently found a blogger who posted a couple of pieces on the "blog catacombs."  Infidel753 listed a number of blogs he read consistently but which have disappeared and are missed.  I have linked to his second post on the topic in which he speculates on what may cause a blogger to simply disappear from the blogosphere.  I know that several bloggers I used to read have disappeared.  I know at least two have died and I do miss them.  Another has had serious health problems coupled with family matters that have taken precedence over blogging.  But I wonder how many are in the category Infidel talks most about: political bloggers who are burned out.  I know I have often felt burned out by the politics.  After you have said what you think of the political assholes and their half-assed proposals (or non-proposals) for the hundredth time you get rather tired.  There are far more assholes and half-assed pronouncements than you have energy.

I enjoy needlework and fiber arts.  I have done embroidery, quilting, and crochet for decades with gaps in time when other things have taken my time and energy.  I remember still weaving a belt on an inkle loom when I was in 8th grade.  I didn't get to warp the loom myself--my teacher insisted on doing that.  I had the strap for the next 20 years before it disappeared during one of my moves.  I thought of that as I read this blog.  I once tried backstrap weaving but never finished the project--again because other matters were more urgent.  I never got to the point of showing off anything as beautiful as the pieces pictured.

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