Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I was reading this piece and had a contrary question.  We have a power generating sector that wants no regulation, a free pass on the pollution they produce along with the electricity, and the right to profit off those who go to solar or wind power.  We have a populace which doesn't think beyond the flipping of a switch.  But so much of the discussion on this topic puts first blame on the regulations for rising prices.  So what are we supposed to do?  Swallow the mercury and other heavy metals, breath the toxic gasses, and get dumped on by acid rain while unthinkingly flipping that switch?  And what should we expect from the energy companies besides pollution and rising prices?  Is there no middle ground here?


Didn't find much to comment on yesterday.  Still busy with the spring cleaning.  But with the very brisk winds and cool temps haven't done anything outside except look at what is (and, more often, what isn't) sprouting outside.  I am so ready for a bit warmer weather but I half suspect the heat will come all too soon.

I am so glad that I am not the only one totally pissed off by the (s)news industry's obsession with trivia at the expense of real news.  Sam Smith says it well.  It is sad when the only discussion of important issues takes place in fiction.


We shifted our shopping to yesterday.  The belt on our vacuum cleaner broke and we had to find new ones so we decided to do all of it at once.  Otherwise not much else going on.

We have been watching the weather news.  The tornado season my be starting late but I think it is making up for lost time.  Thankfully, nothing that severe up here although we have heard the wind actually howling most days for the last week.

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