Saturday, April 12, 2014

Miscellaneous contrariness on a beautiful day.


Temps hit 70 yesterday and should again today.  First time since October that we have had temperatures that high.  And for the second day we turned off the furnace and opened the doors.  Our agenda today is patio clean up.  I am always amazed to see what junk blows in with the leaves.  I couldn't resist visiting our local garden centers just to see what they had.  I didn't expect much because of the cool spring so far.  The one that usually takes part of its parking lot for large trees and shrubs had only half of that area filled.  I did find transplants of some herbs--the hardiest ones.  I picked up another rosemary, a pot of bee balm, and a lemon thyme.  I saw some spearmint and peppermint I mentally marked to pick up later.  My own starts are still doing well.  I saw a spinach peeking.  I should pop those little peppers into bigger pots but I will do that tomorrow when we expect storms to move through.  Hope your spring is progressing well.

Teaser on the Al Jazeera news this morning had us hooting with sarcastic laughter.  "More moms staying home with the kids--but that might be bad news for the economy."  Yeah, we said, they aren't spending god-awful amounts for child care, or for the wardrobe they need for a job, or for meals out during the work day, or from gas or other requirements for transport.  Isn't it wonderful to live in a consumer economy where what ever you do at home is shit and what ever pittance you earn outside the home is an economic gain, probably for someone else.  Interesting--that is much the conclusion the interviewee makes.  Love the part where she notes that "choice" to stay home may not be a choice at all.  It isn't if the wages a woman earns doesn't cover the costs as noted above.  I also like the assertion that women work whether they have an outside job or not.  Reminds me of Dmitri Orlov's comment in a blog sometime last year--jobs aren't always available but we always have work.

Well, duh!!! What's not to love?  The dogs housebreak sooner and easier than children and they don't whine as much as the male of our species.

Ok--but do you think it will make any difference in what the companies do?  Not when they are blinded by the dollar signs in their eyes.

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