Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We should have sun and temps in the 60s.  I hope I will be able to start digging and getting the patio cleaned up next week.  It does feel like this winter is never ending but a few signs give me hope it will move out and let spring take over.  I just saw some sprouts on the canes of the rose bush.  When the soil in the container that will be its permanent home is warm enough I will transplant it there.  It should work.  I did the same for the hibiscus last year.  I looked up the other order and noted the other rose is scheduled for shipment sometime in the next three weeks.  The kale has also started sprouting.

Isn't predatory capitalism wonderful.  These boys/girls are so creative in finding ways to take customers' money and put it in their own pockets.  I have said more frequently of late that our financial class simply cannot stand to see a pile of cash they can't dip into.  All that "equity" in your home simply sitting there?  Access it for what ever consumption you want--for a fee/interest payment.  Or, if you are of retirement age, access it with a "reverse mortgage" which you don't have to repay because the bank gets the house when you die or move out.  Offer "overdraft protection" for checking accounts so the customer won't be embarrassed when their debit card is declined--for a fee.  How many other ways can these vampires find to bleed us?

I hate to link to this sordid piece of hypocritical shit.  I have seen it on the TV news way too much since it broke.  Now the Congresscritter asshole, who was elected on a platform of Christian family values, is begging for forgiveness and demanding an FBI investigation into who leaked the footage of him engaging in a prolonged kiss with a female aide (who is not his wife.)  The aide has "resigned"--that is lost her job--while he vows to remain in his.  Let's have some equal justice here.  Rude Pundit has an interesting slant on the issue.  While agreeing that what was good for a Democrat (like Wiener) should be good enough for a Republican (McAllister), he speculates that the leak of the video may be related to Republican family feudes.

Oh, Yeah!!!  We're No. 1.  But not on any of these metrics.

This is something I simply don't understand.  Why bother???

Something else I don't understand: a politician who acknowledges that what he wants to do won't solve (or even mitigate) a situation but wants to do it anyway.  Why waste the time, money and other resources.  But then I don't expect good sense out of any politician--especially a conservative Republican.

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