Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday.  Welcome to April.

We had an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday.  Temperature nearly 70F, bright sun.  I left the patio door open for least most of the day--hasn't happened for over four months.  It was pure joy to listen to the wind chime singing.  Oh well!!  Cooler weather today and for the next week.  But, with no temps (lows or highs) below freezing (fingers crossed), we should get rid of the rest of the ice and snow.  My starts of summer savory, poppies, and cypress vine aren't doing very well.  I think the best bet for these will be to wait till late April and early May and sow them where I want them in the containers.

I think y'all know by now that I am a total skeptic about medical advice and a medical minimalist.  This article indicates why.  I am especially skeptical about advice to start a drug regimen on the off chance a disease might show up.  It is one thing to treat a condition that you know exists but another thing entirely to tread a condition that might never appear.

I think Susie Madrak should have put a question mark in her title.  Deeply held principles???  This reminds me of a sardonic joke that went around the neighborhood where I lived as a child.  The proprietor of a local bar was a good Catholic who sold alcohol to teens on Friday, went to confession on Saturday, and received communion on Sunday.  Now-a-days, people like the Greens invest employee pension funds in companies making the kinds of contraceptives which they don't want the health coverage to allow their employees to use because their religious beliefs would be violated.

There are times I wonder what world Repthuglican politicians inhabit.  Of course, wherever it is, their voters are right there with them.  My first question was: if not FEMA, who?  After all, no private  insurance company offers flood insurance--at any price.  Then I had a perverse thought.  Perhaps FEMA should get out of the flood insurance business.  Then the only people who could build on flood plains would be those with more money than brains, or those who could ignore the risk (and then bleat for help when the obvious happens), or those who recognize the risk and prepare (mentally and emotionally if not financially) for catastrophe.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of great food for thought!!

I am soooooo weary of the GOP's antics, I can hardly read the news!!!