Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Colder today though well above freezing.  Partly cloudy but we are supposed to get rain later in the afternoon extending through Friday morning.  I just got the rose potted.  This pot is temporary and the rose will be transferred to its permanent place when the containers thaw completely and warm up a bit.  I can't believe how that little bit of effort wore me out.  I am also surprised at how quickly a couple of the containers drained completely over night.  They had about two inches of water and ice last night.  It is gone now.  However, the gardens are far from ready to work.  I used piles of leaves that blew onto the patio last fall as mulch and found ice under the leaves.  We should have dry and slightly warmer weather over the weekend so I will schedule some of my clean up for then.  I saw several tomatoes I should transplant into bigger pots.  It will be a while yet before conditions outside will be suitable for them.  I have to remind myself that our average last frost date is around May 15.

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