Friday, April 4, 2014


Cool, wet and foggy.  Next week--from Sunday on--looks nice with temps in the 50s and above.  Sounds like perfect conditions to get some cleaning up done outside.  But inside is another matter.  I got all of the tomatoes put into larger pots.  Just dropped the whole thing--paper pot and all--in and added what ever soil was needed.  I pulled two that were obviously losing their battle with their larger mates.  For other pairs the struggle continues.  I will wait and see what develops.  Planted four pots of kale (Red Russian) and four of lettuce (Lollo Rossa).  Every time I walk past the rose I can't help looking it over.  I just planted it two days ago so I know it won't show any signs of sprouting so early but I simply have to look.

I also had to look at what is going on outside--no work, just look.  Still have some ice under the leaves in most of the strawberry and in the hibiscus containers.  I may have lost sage and fox glove.  Darn--I hoped to see the fox glove bloom this year.

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